Welcome to Decorative Craftsmanship Matilde Lira. A place where beauty and funcionality are mixed giving through to creation of uniques, beautifulls, and of usefull objects. Our Product line has been carefully selected from gorgeous and decoratives group of artefacts, some of them, real reproductions of other used in the last century, remaining nostalgic and melancholy from the past. Every one of our craftsmanship represent an image, an object, a sensation, a lot of feelings of the chilean craftsman, who transform, with his charming hands, nobles materilas like cupper and iron in amazon art pieces. Now, this beautifull representations, maded under strict process, are availables for you. Ideal for enterprises who want to feast there customers or business partners with uniques products. Also for you, if you want to give more than an object, .... just an ilusion.
Artesania Decorativa Matilde Lira Ltda., Santiago de Chile
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